• Training                                    $30              
  • Consultation                           $30                
  • System Tune-Up                    $50
  • ​Wipe and Reload                   $115              
  • New Computer Setup          $65              
  • Back-Up & Restore                $50         
  • Software Install                      $25                 
  • email setup                             $50                 
  • Backup Setup                         $50               
  • Upgrades                                $50                  
  • Dust Bunny Removal           $25                
  • Pick-Up & Drop-Off              $50     
  • All onsite work                      $90/hr            
  • Unlisted work                      $50/hr
  • Remote Support                 $48/hr

Check-Out is free if we do the work... otherwise just $35.

Training and Consultation prices are for up to 30 minutes.

Wipe & Reload includes reformatting the hard drive and installing Windows, drivers, antivirus and updates.

System Tune-Up addresses performance issues resulting from temporary files, junkware, registry issues etc.

Removal of viruses and other threats is billed at an hourly rate of $50 /hr in our shop... wipe & reload is often a less expensive option if infection is serious.

New Computer Setup includes tune-up, removal of junk-ware and creation of restore discs.

Email Setup includes setting up 1 or 2 email addresses in Microsoft Outlook or similar email application.

Backup Setup includes installing and configuring automated remote backup software and backup jobs.

Remote Support is billed at $4 per 5 minutes of support and begins when the remote session begins.  1 second of remote support costs $4.00 and 5 minutes of remote support costs $4.00.  Likewise 5 minutes and 1 second costs $8.00 as does 10 minutes and so on.

Onsite Support requires a 1-hour minimum billed in 15 minute increment thereafter.